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    Yacht Project Management

    Yacht Project Management

    You can have peace of mind when when you hire Eaton Yacht Works for your yacht as Project Manager. Having an onsite manager for a yacht ensures getting fair pricing and on time completion. A boat without supervision in a yard or eslewhere is not going to get prime attention by subcontractors or the yard itself. Hire Jeff Eaton to get the attention you and your yacht deserve.

    Some of the services for Yacht Project Management may include:

    • Onsite Supervision of Yard & Subcontractors
    • Oversee of Contract Bidding
    • Liason for Yacht Owner, Shipyard and Subcontractors
    • Oversee of Budget & Project Timeline
    • Liason for Insurance Companies & Surveyors
    • Sea Trials & Testing

    Throughout your project - from the planning and buying stage, through choosing an appropriate boatyard and subcontractors, all the way through the final launch - having a single person as Project Manager coordinating the details is both cost and labor efficient.

    Contact Us today for your Yacht Management Project.