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    Yacht Refits Fort Lauderdale

    Yacht Refits Fort Lauderdale

    Yacht Repfits Fort Lauderdale

    Every yacht reaches a time in its life when a refit is needed. The refit might be because a new buyer wants the boat updated and improved. Perhaps systems, paint and appearance warrant a yacht refit from long use. Damage from grounding, flooding, fire or lightning strikes may require a yacht refit. Or a new yacht needs to be commissioned for a new owner or dealer. Whatever reason, Eaton Yacht Works will work closely with you to ensure a properly refitted yacht on time and on budget.

    Some of what is involved in a refit from Eaton Yacht Works:

    • Haulout
      • Bottom Painting
      • Thru-hull Servicing
      • Running Gear Inspections & Service
    • Hull & Superstructure Painting
    • Engine Maintenance, Rebuilds & Repowers
    • Equipment Service & Updates
    • Interior Appointments Cleaned
      • Carpet
      • Soft Goods
      • Mattresses
    • Interior Paint & Varnish
    • Safety Gear
      • Liferaft(s)
      • EPIRBS, etc.
      • Flares
    • Replenishing Spares
    • New Boat Commissioning
    • Sea Trials

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