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    Testimonials- Jeff Eaton

    William R. King, Jr.
    RK Properties
    Long Beach, CA

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I am happy to recommend Captain Jeff Eaton as a captain or project manager for any marine project you might be considering. Jeff has worked on numerous projects for me over the past 10 years, including the purchase and extension of a 83' motor yacht that was extended 12'.

    He also commissioned a brand new 50' sport fisher, sea trialed a 63' sportsfisher that was being purchased and has done numberous refits and on-going maintenance projects including repowering both mains and gensets.

    And over the years he has done numerous deliveries and functioned as a charter captain. He has handled every assignment with the utmost professionalism and has always been on budget and on time.

    Should you wish to discuss this with me personally Jeff will be glad to provide you with my contact information.

    William Rance King, Jr.

    Curtis Stokes
    Curtis Stokes & Associates
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    To whom it may concern:
    I have known and respected Jeff Eaton for years and highly recommend Jeff for any refits, project management or maintenance projects. Jeff is very experienced and well-respected in our industry, and I would engage Jeff for any project I am associated with.

    Curtis Stokes

    Joe Collins
    Luke Brown Yachts

    To whom it may concern:
    I have known Jeff Eaton for nearly 30 years. I first met him when he was running the 63 Cheoy Lee Motorsailor LUSH LIFE and I was working at Rex Yachts. I followed him through his successful charter years. His congenial manner and high energy led to his success.

    In the last 10 years he has helped me sell 5 or 6 listings. He would take a boat under his care and take a survey to identify any deficiencies that the previous Captain or present owner overlooked. The boat would be brought to survey condition so when the time came the boat would fly through survey. He also worked with the owner to keep him appraised of the condition of the boat.

    I could then concentrate on presenting the boat to other brokers and clients. If I am at a Boat Show or out of town Jeff is always available to help me out. His charter boat charm always shines in these situations. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Joe Collins

    Stephen R. Seaton
    Seaton Design
    Ocala, Florida

    To Whom It May Concern:
    This letter is written to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by "Eaton Yacht Works" and Jeff Eaton in the rebuilding and upgrading of several of our older yacht projects over these past 14 years. I have been designing and building for 41 years and my list of good and honest builders is very short. Jeff Eaton is on the short list.

    The services were provided in a professional manner, within predetermined time and budget. Jeff provided an array of alternatives and proposals from which to choose throughout the development process which made the resulting product customized to our client's particular needs.

    As a designer and religiously jealous of my designs I only seek out people who will work to restore a vessels design integrity with the work they provide. Jeff has never let me down.

    Jeff has another fine quality that very few builders in the South Florida have and that is personal integrity. I must relate my first job with Jeff on a project that came in $12,000 less than original quote to the client. At the conclusion of the project Jeff handed back the full amount of the overage to the surprise of the client and myself. Neither the client nor I would have known about the overage estimate. Unlike many in Fort Lauderdale he was honest and won over my loyalty. He has never let me down.

    In full disclosure I must say after several successful major rebuilds Jeff has not only become a source for a contractor but a friend, something that is hard to do in this litigious business.

    Please feel free to call me directly if you would like additional information regarding Jeff and his relationship with me.

    Stephen R. Seaton
    Naval Architect

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